Policies & Rules


  • Skate at your own risk.
  • Violation of any rule could mean expulsion from rink.
  • No one is permitted on the ice without skates.
  • No fast skating - No tag or games of any kind on the ice.
  • No sticks - No pucks - No whips.
  • No figure skating or backward skating.
  • Skate in one direction.
  • No sitting on, leaning over or leaving articles on the dasher boards.
  • No food, drinks, smoking or chairs allowed on ice.
  • Skaters are not allowed to carry children or secondary items such as cameras, handbags, while skating.
  • No patrons are allowed on the ice during resurfacing
  • Red Cone Area - BEGINNERS ONLY!!!
  • Exits are to be kept clear at all times.
  • Incidents or malicious destruction are to be reported to the ice supervisor or manager immediately.
  • Patrons are not allowed in the stands or lounge area with skates on.
  • Throwing snowballs or any objects is strictly prohibited.
  • No abusive language.
  • No pets allowed in the facility (service dogs are welcomed)